Gozitan Students and the 2018 Budget

The 2018 Budget was announced on the 9th of October 2017. The Minister for Finance, Professor Scicluna presented excellent proposals which will be realised during the coming year, ensuring our islands’ economic stability.

The GUG was pleased to hear that the second fibre optic cable will be placed during the coming year as it is a project very much backed by the Organisation. This project will be a backup for the main cable which connects Gozo to the mainland. This has been one of the Group’s aims for a long time and so the members were very satisfied to see that their hard work has paid off.

Another point mentioned by the finance minister was the tunnel. Studies of the geological makeup of the seabed beneath the Gozo Channel will be made in order to see if work on the tunnel could be started. The tunnel would serve many Gozitan workers and students who would be able to cross to their home island quicker and more efficiently.

These points will certainly help make Gozitan student life easier however, the GUG was disappointed that points such as the fast ferry service (proposed last year) was not mentioned. This service would have made crossing a bit easier and despite it being mentioned in the 2017 budget, it was never realised and so students wait eagerly for news on the matter. The rent issue was not addressed either. This problem was only spoken about when discussing the social housing problem but not about university students.

The Gozo University Group is quite satisfied with next year’s budget however, there are still issues which need to be addressed immediately for the sake of all Gozitan students.

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