Late Resit Examination Results

The worst part of any student’s life is the exam period. This affects the student greatly: stress and panic are the cause of so many problems in any student’s life. Stress does not end with the final exam of the period but it lingers until the dreaded results day. Two “waiting periods” exist in the Maltese education system; that in the month of July and the other during the latter half of September. This last period is the cause of even more stress especially for Gozitan students.

A-Level students retaking their exams are waiting eagerly for their results which determine if they can become university students and whether or not they have to rent out a place to stay. It is common knowledge that Gozitans already find it difficult to find proper accommodation during the summer, so one can only imagine how harder it is for someone to find a place to stay in a matter of weeks. Some of these students look for accommodation before their September sitting, making plans with their friends to split rent. If the students do not pass their second sitting, it would be a problem not only for them but also for their ‘roommates’.

For those who are not freshmen, the deadline for the university results is the 28th of September while the start of the semester was the 25th. Students whose future in the course depend on these results, find this slightly absurd as they need them to know if they can keep renting out their flat.

This problem can be fixed if the results are published earlier in the month rather than three days after the start of the academic year. The GUG is appealing to those who are in charge to realise that these results are not simply grades but they are also the key to one’s future.

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